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ZXDOS+ Manual

Mensaje por kounch » 01 Sep 2020, 18:57

As I was getting confused having to go looking in so many different sources (http://zxuno.speccy.org, http://www.forofpga.es, GitHub, messages in forums, different versions of FAQ, Telegram ...), I have started to make a "Manual" for ZXDOS+ with all the things that I am trying and that I see that work for me.

Here is the first version:
https://github.com/zxdos/zxuno/raw/mast ... Manual.pdf

And in Spanish:
https://github.com/zxdos/zxuno/raw/mast ... maDOS%2B.p
The source code is also available:

(ZX Spectrum+ - ZXDOS+ - ZX Spectrum Next)


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